Managing Projects Through People

Management can be a tricky thing. Many companies promote people to management / supervisory positions based on their knowledge of the job and ability to get things done. But management goes so far beyond that, which is why many managers are not as effective as they should be. So what does it take to be an effective manager/supervisor?A supervisors job is to manage both people and projects. Tuning people-management and project-management skills are necessary for any manager to truly be effective.If one manages projects but not peopleIf a manager is successful at managing projects but not very good at managing people then tasks get done, but often unwillingly and usually full of errors. The team being managed is not motivated to work as effectively as they can simply because management is seen as inept. Very rarely is an employee satisfied with their job when they don’t feel that they, or their work, is valued. In turn, the employee turns in work as valuable as it is perceived to be.
While management may have all the pieces and processes in place, the motivation for excellence is extremely low, to non-existent. The work is getting done because management has the ability to manage the projects through the processes put in place, but the productivity level is way down.If one manages people but not projectsIf a manager is particularly good at managing people but doesn’t manage projects well, then they end up with a team eager to do their best work, but without the systems in place that keep projects on track. Essentially, you’ve got a team that is kept busy spinning their wheels. Yes, things get accomplished but far more slowly. Important tasks get pushed back because of “urgent” tasks and less important tasks simply never get done.Essentially, the manager is able to keep the team happy, but only because they are doing what they want over what needs to be done. This ensures that larger, important victories are never realized and the team, as a whole, is kept from the greatness they are capable of.If one manages projects through peopleIf one effectively manages both projects and people, then you have a team operating at peak performance producing the highest quality work. The role of a good manager–every manager really–is to manage their projects through their people. Managers must understand that people are their most valuable resource and responsible for creating valuable results. In fact, a manager that does not provide good project management skills, truly doesn’t value his team.A great manager needs to care enough about his team to help them hone their skills by providing the direction necessary. This, in turn, helps them to produce their best possible work. The end result: the project gets completed quickly and accurately through a team motivated to do their best.

Beginners Golf – Learn Golf Etiquette That Every Golf Player Must Know

Golf Etiquette is Very Important!Experienced golf players follow a set of unwritten rules while on the course. These rules are typically referred to as golf etiquette. When beginners golf it is important for them to learn proper golf etiquette from the more seasoned its players in their group. As a beginners golf game improves they must begin to incorporate these rules into their usual routine on the golf course. Most country clubs don’t demand that player’s golf with courtesy, but it is expected. Following the commonly accepted rules of golf etiquette will create a congenial atmosphere in which the game of golf can be fully enjoyed by all.Beginners Golf – Maintain a Good Pace in Your Golf GameIf you have ever been stuck behind a slow moving group ahead of you on the golf course then you know how frustrating it can be. Not only does a slow group eat up a lot of time, but they can also cost other golfers strokes by throwing off the natural rhythm of their game. When beginners golf they need to keep in mind the fact that it will take them a longer time to reach the green than it will a more experienced player.If you find that your group is holding up another it is a common its courtesy to allow the other group to play through. You can also speed up your golf game by not spending an excessive amount of time looking for a lost golf ball. Another great time saver is simple preparation. Instead of admiring the clouds while your companions are taking their shots, spend that time planning your own upcoming shot.Beginners Golf – Golf Etiquette Also Involves SafetySafety is an important consideration in any sport and golf is no different. The use of golf carts is an area of safety where many golfers would receive a failing grade. Make sure to read all of the rules posted in the clubhouse, cart, and on the course. Keep golf carts in designated areas only!Beginner golfers must also be on alert when preparing to make a swing. Always look around before taking a swing; this will go a long way in promoting the safety of the other golf players in your group. You should keep your eye on the ball after making a shot and call out a warning if others are in danger of being struck.Beginners Golf – Good Golf Etiquette Requires the Consideration of Other Golfers Your actions toward other golfers are perhaps the most important part of golf etiquette. Golfers must focus when making a shot and that requires quiet. When beginners golf they must remember not to speak or make unexpected noises while others prepare to take their shots. There are a few specific rules for conduct on the green as well. When beginners golf if is very important that they are conscious of where their shadow falls on the green. All shadows must be kept well away from the putting line.

River Cruises – Offering You a Glimpse of the World

If you are looking for a new adventure, check out river cruises in Europe. There is nothing like sailing in Europe’s famous waterways such as The Danube, Rhine, Moselle, Volga, Seine and many more. Discover Europe while you relax on the sun deck of your cabin and enjoy breathtaking sites of medieval villages and castles.European river cruises vs. ocean cruisesTourists should consider river cruises if they want an unforgettable trip. This type of cruise lets them travel along a river and enjoy the historical culture and scenic sites of Europe without rushing from place to place.Unlike an ocean cruise where what you’ll see most of the time is an endless body of water, cruises give you direct access to many interesting cities. Boats will stop for tourists to view ancient castles, old towns, vineyards and lush forests that make up Europe’s landscape.Adventurous travellers can even engage in fun outdoor activities like hiking and backpacking. They even have the chance to go shopping and join guided tours.Why cruises in Europe is ideal for vacationers- Cruises can let you enjoy a hassle-free vacationOne advantage of booking a European cruise is that it takes care of your travel plans. You don’t have to worry about anything once you arrive on board.You do not need to trouble yourself with packing and unpacking your luggage or arranging multiple destinations. There is no need to be bothered about paying as you go or making dinner reservations. A river cruise will allow you to enjoy your vacation by providing you with everything you need.- Cruises offer great dining optionsYou will be delighted with the many culinary treats prepared by excellent chefs. You can also indulge in a multi-course meal or get a snack at the cafĂ© on board.- A river cruise offers the best value for your moneyYou will know how much you will need to spend even before you leave. The payment includes everything on the trip – the meals, accommodation, entertainment as well as the itinerary. You can even make use of additional amenities such as spa salons or fitness centers. These, however, will add to your expenses.- Cruises are perfect for honeymoonersVacationing couples will never run out of things to do and sights to see at a cruise. They can enjoy dancing, dining and having a romantic walk on a secluded shoreline. They can even celebrate their new life together by sipping champagne under a full moon from the balcony.Couples can actually request for a romantic dinner or make special arrangements with the staff. They will surely have a memorable honeymoon while they enjoy each other’s company.- There is high customer satisfaction in cruisesMany tourists who went on a cruise claim that it is one of the most satisfying adventures they’ve had. Many even go for another trip.If you want to experience the satisfaction that a river cruise brings, research for cruise packages online and look for European river cruises offering many destinations.

The Importance Of Investment Property Reviews

Apart from the obvious of checking to see that all is alright at your investment property, property reviews are essential for the success of wealth creation. I mean you don’t buy a car and keep jumping in it year after year, year after year without giving it a good service and considering if you should sell it, or even taking the step to sell it. Well investment properties are no different.Have you ever followed the statistics regarding the different property investment strategies?They actually show that the majority of investors are ‘buy and hold’ investors, getting capital growth over a long period of time. This strategy does work, although many active and aggressive property investors would argue that this is not the best way to make serious money at property investing, but that is something else to follow up at another time.Here I am referring to the fact that a property investor should have scheduled into their diary a day to inspect and review a property, or all of their properties at least each and every year, if not more, if the circumstances warrant it.Even though an investor may be a buy and hold investor, that does not mean that they should buy, hold and forget the property!Life keeps us busy and I am under no illusions to the fact that a property investment can at times, although being an asset, can sometimes feel like a rope around your neck. They do take time to manage and so it should be. Often the returns are not there initially and of course, this can be discouraging to the investor.But, come on here. In the long run you will benefit and remember the old saying, “no gain without pain.”If an investor buys a property and holds it for quite a long time, there is a good chance that in the next 15-20 years that property is going to be in the ‘old part of town.’ As the population in a town grows, new estates get built on the perimeter and these new estates will eventually erode the value of the property in the older, central areas.The opposite of this of course, is where there is ocean or river frontage where, in this case the properties will actually increase in value.Town centres and places like that can eventually be rejuvenated, but as far as residential areas are concerned, there really has to be phenomenal growth to cause these areas to be renovated and increase in value again.If you have a house very near the center of town, you may be lucky and it may not take too much of a downturn, but if you have a property in the average older residential area of town, the chances are that as the newer subdivisions and large shopping centers are built, your property will decrease in value.Investment Properties Should Be ReviewedA property review should not only cover looking the property over very carefully checking for maintenance issues, pest control and so forth, but also should include an update on what is happening in the area and plans for any growth in the town.It is quite possible that a property that has been affected in such a way as described above, could devalue as much as 20% – 30% for quite a number of years.If a property investor finds that their property could be at risk of a devaluation, then selling should perhaps be considered as an option. As a property devalues the bank can call in a deposit to cover the difference if the mortgage amount ends up being more than the value of the devalued property. This can be catastrophic for a property investor.This is an example of why a property investor needs to keep in touch with the property and the activity in the area in which they own a property investment.